Wednesday, June 20, 2007


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Shelby Ulman said...

This is truly well done. I love any pictures of angels so long as they don't have horns.

And, since you do love poetry, here is a poem that I wrote concerning angels. I wrote this upon finding out my diagnosis.

On Angels' Wings

When troubles of the world become so intense
And when hardship is immense,
I give my troubles to God and they soar away
On angels' wings.

When their seems to be no relief
And what has happened to me is beyond belief,
Then the Lord gives me his peace that comes
On angels' wings.

In times of sorrow and woe.
When all has lost its glow,
All that's left is the reassurance of God that flies to me
On angels' wings.

I lay miserably crying.
My heart and soul inside me is dying.
God, please send your spirit to me
On angels' wings.

Father, I really need you.
I known nought else to do.
Let me get lost in the peace that transcends
On angels' wings.

I hope you enjoyed it, Dave, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

David Alan Flynn said...

that is a very pretty poem Irelly like it I am glad you like the angels and it brought you to write you lovely peom here thank you david